Faces of Fragile X

Faces of Fragile X is a space that the National Fragile X Foundation has provided for parents and friends to show how those affected by Fragile X are more than their diagnosis. Our hope is to show the many ways that those with Fragile X-associated Disorders are all unique, self-determining individuals.

Please take a moment to Share your story by uploading a photo of your family member (or yourself) along with your story describing his/her/your interests, hobbies, talents, accomplishments, aspirations, or any other similar topic!

Each picture below represent a tale of self-determination, we hope you enjoy the stories.

Ryder's SmileM&MOn My Own!My BlessingWalking On The Path Of Life TogetherMy Daughter Jasmine and I Ian Participates in the Special OlympicsAJ, My Love, My Life, My HeroOur Sunshine, Joshua!Knowing Something is Better then Knowing NothingOur Little BuddyNever give up