Yes—your Membership! In the National Fragile X Foundation!!

Many devoted members of the Fragile X community do not even know that they’re not official Members of the National Fragile X Foundation. Maybe they started accessing NFXF services and didn’t realize there is a separate Membership status. Or maybe they joined in the past but missed their renewal notices in the mail, or made a mental note to renew and then the notice slipped to the bottom of the pile.

Stuff happens…

Let's Talk Webinar SquareBut now, we are engaged in an effort to dramatically swell our NFXF Membership rolls. Because your Membership Matters! Why? Because everything that matters to you about Fragile X is enhanced when you become an official Member of the NFXF.

When you join us, you help:

  • Financially support the foundation that does so much to advance the cause of Fragile X.
  • Connect with others who stand with you in support of that cause.
  • Enhance the foundation’s visibility to funding agencies and legislators.
  • Expand the Fragile X community’s influence.

And you get:


Membership contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Consult your tax advisor for details.

Supporting Member: $100
Includes four additional subscriptions to the new Xtra-Special anthology for other family members, friends, educators, medical or other treatment professionals (mailed in December).

Family Member: $60
Includes two additional Xtra-Special anthology subscriptions.

Basic Member: $40
Includes your personal Xtra-Special anthology subscription.

  • A copy of the newly launched, Members-only annual publication Xtra-Special, containing specially selected, best-of-the-best articles from NFXF’s Xtras newsletter.
  • An invitation to participate live and submit questions for the regular “Let’s Talk” Webinars organized and hosted by the NFXF.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re a member of the premier Fragile X support foundation in the world.

See How Much It Matters?

Please join us—Become a Member of the NFXF today!

If you’d prefer to write a check, download and complete our membership form. Our mailing address is included on it.

Membership Form

Questions? Call (800) 688-8765 or email for more information.